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Check out the IMPORTDATA Google Sheets Tutorial for more on this topic.. Converting a publicly available CSV into a Google Sheets spreadsheet using IMPORTDATA is easy and fast. However, when it comes to using the function with the CSV stored on Google Drive, things don't go as smoothly.

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Feb 04, 2021 · The stock has been crabbing around the same price for a little while and since I can't make a cover call i'm curious if I should sell or just hold. Anonymous (ID: nFoMvOlL ) 02/04/21(Thu)10:34:39 No. 27717146
2012 from Sharadar (Sharadar, 2016). T he downloaded data set consisted of 5,614 quarterly observations. ... Leverage change, debt overhang, and stock prices. Journal o f Corporate Finan ce,

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By default, IB returns consolidated prices for equities. (Consolidated prices are the aggregated prices across all exchanges where a security trades.) If you run an end-of-day strategy that enters and exits in the opening or closing auction, using consolidated prices may be less accurate than using prices from the primary exchange only.
As price goes up, hedgers sell and vice versa. We can see that GEX turned negative this week, implying that hedging orders would come to market in the same direction of price movement. On Thursday, this value hit -$2.96 billion, implying that for every 1% the market fell, another $2.96 billion would be sold short by hedgers.

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Sharadar is another one and is a bit cheaper. I just checked these guys out on Quandl, this is a ton of information for $29 but they do not have historical earnings dates from the looks of it. I just pulled the events data for AAPL and this is the output.
Quandl's data products come in many forms and contain various objects, including time-series and tables. Through our APIs and various tools (R, Python, Excel, etc.), users can access/call the premium data to which they have subscribed. (Our free data can be accessed by anyone who has registered for ...

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Jan 17, 2021 · Sharadar Core US Equities and Fund Prices – This dataset is self-explanatory. How to create an account in Quandl? Having a Quandl account is important as it allows you to: Access their API, libraries and tools. Download free and/or premium data in any format. Access their export and visualization tools.
Jul 21, 2017 · Respectively, Zacks Equity Prices and Sharadar’s Core US Fundamentals data sets did the trick, and I could obtain both via Quandl at reasonable cost (about $350 per quarter.) For exploratory data analysis and model building, I used the R programming language.

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The Quandl Python module is free but you must have a Quandl API key in order to download data. To get your own API key, you will need to create a free Quandl account and set your API key.
May 05, 2021 · Historical End of Day, Intraday, and Live prices API, with Fundamental Financial data API for more than 120,000 stocks, ETFs and funds all over the world.

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The CAGR is 13.7%, with a Sharpe ratio of 1.6. Not bad for a single factor model! Acknowledgement: I thank Zachary David for his review and comments on an earlier draft of this post, and of course FXCM for providing their data for this research. Industry update 1) Qcaid is a cloud-based platform that provides traders with backtesting, execution, and simulation facilities.
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tanzas (1998) after the collision of the vessels Sharadar and Bravo, and another in the bay of Cienfuegos (1992) when tanker Aida ruptured its hull against a rock. Accidental oil spills can have short, medium and long term negative consequences. Oil may undergo natural dispersal and degradation during the course of several years.
comes from the Sharadar company and has been provided by Quandl. This dataset consists of several different tables. The main table we use is called SF3: Core US Institu-tional Investors. It gathers all the info about 6442 insti-tutional investors and their various investments in 13434 companies for the last 26 quarters (from June 2013 to ...

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This video introduces the Kitty Corner, a playlist where I'll discuss some of the stocks that I'm tracking. The Kitty Corner videos are not intended The Roaring Kitty channel revolves around ...
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Data comes from Sharadar and utilizes all available pricing history at the timing of writing (2001 to 2019). All return results presented are gross of transaction fees or advisory expenses, so any increases in portfolio turnover from more frequent rebalances would negatively influence net returns, all else equal.
Sharadar is an independent research and analytics firm founded in 2013. Sharadar specializes in extraction, standardization and organization of financial data from company filings. We combine people, software and rigorous review processes to generate accurate, professional grade data for professional investors and analysts.
The Quandl Python module is free but you must have a Quandl API key in order to download data. To get your own API key, you will need to create a free Quandl account and set your API key.
Mar 03, 2021 · Package for quandl API access. Official Quandl API Client for Python. A Python library for Quandl’s RESTful API.
Sharadar: Energy Information Administration: Social Security Administration: Environmental Protection Agency: Standard & Poor's (US) European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Stevens Analytics: European Commission: Statistics Canada: Eurostat: United Nations: Federal Bureau of Investigation: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

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